contract law in the Netherlands
An English guide to contract law and legal proceedings in the Netherlands

What is Dutch contract law?

Dutch contract law is mainly found in the Dutch Civil Code. It forms an integral part of the general law of obligations. Under Dutch law an agreement (whether oral or in writing) between two or more parties creates in each party a duty to do or not do something, and the right to performance of the other party’s duty or a remedy for a breach.

Info on contract law in the Netherlands

For foreigners conducting business transactions in the Netherlands, accessing information about Dutch contract law can be a challenge. The purpose of this website is to increase the accessibility of contract law in the Netherlands, by giving a brief overview in English of some of the key areas of Dutch contract law that may be relevant for foreign companies or individuals doing business in the Netherlands. You will find pages about a broad range of Dutch contract law topics, including information about specific types of contracts in the Netherlands such as commercial agency agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements and security rights.

What are the principles of Dutch civil law?

This website also sheds light on some of the fundamental principles of Dutch civil law, for example the obligation of reasonableness and good faith that also permeates contract law in the Netherlands.

The editor of this website is an expert lawyer in the Netherlands, who used to be a founding partner of a Dutch law firm and who has rendered legal services in Amsterdam for 35 years. The editor has endeavoured to highlight some of the unique aspects of Dutch commercial law that may be surprising for business people and lawyers coming from other countries.

This website about contract law in the Netherlands is presented entirely in English, and is intended to be a unique and useful source of information in English about Dutch law that may otherwise be difficult to find.

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